Efficient Liquidity Standard for Staking and Crowdloan Assets on Polkadot

Unifying fragmented liquidity into highly efficient and usable synthetic assets
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A synthetic asset backed by native DOT, staking DOT and DOT derivatives.
tDOT is designed to standardize different formats of DOT derivatives for increased usability, yield aggregation and liquidity efficiency.


Stable peg against DOT backed by Stable Asset system
Aggregation of yield from underlying staking DOT
Highly composable across parachains and applications

How it Works

1. Stable Asset system can be deployed as a Substrate pallet or EVM module across different parachains

2. tDOT is backed by DOT-DOT derivative liquidity pools (ie. DOT-LDOT, DOT-LCDOT)

3. tDOT accrues yield and swap fees from the underlying liquidity pools

4. tDOT minter function is deployed on Acala, which serves as the hub for minting tDOT

5. XCM enables the transfer of tDOT across parachains

What is Tapio Protocol?

Tapio is a synthetic asset protocol designed to optimize liquidity fragmentation by unifying different asset formats into a highly efficient and usable standard.

Parachain Agnostic

Compatible with Substrate and EVM Parachains

Application Agnostic

Integrate synthetic asset with any dApps

Supports Uniform Assets

Stable Asset system supports any uniform asset pairs (ie. aUSD-USDC-USDT, DOT-LDOT, KSM-LKSM, etc.)

Standardized Yield Handling

Transparent aggregation and distribution of yield from underlying interest bearing assets (ie. LDOT, LKSM)

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